Excellent facilities support efficient production.

We're proud of our printing plant. But why should you care? Because what goes on inside most definitely affects what comes out. This facility was designed from the ground up with superb technical capabilities built right in. A full complement of printing presses in our 20,000 square foot plant allows us to run multiple print orders simultaneously. Our automated cylinder printing presses facilitate precise registration. Sophisticated die-cutting equipment allows us to design and execute smooth die or kiss cuts; straight, angled and curved; with virtually no limitations.


No static at all.

What you don't see is as crucial to the finished product as what you do. Top shelf screen printing requires a rigidly controlled environment. Our plant features a completely enclosed temperature and humidity control system, not just for the comfort of our workers, although that's important (who wants cranky people working on their project?). Advanced electronic filtration performs an invisible yet essential function in the quality of the finished product. It removes microscopic particulate from the air before it can compromise the integrity of a printed surface. The system also ionizes the air which serves to reduce static ~ the archenemy of screen printers everywhere.