Labeling - Graphic Overlays

For OEM manufacturers, graphic overlays are a durable and attractive way of labeling and enhancing the appearance of a product.

Graphic overlays are typically printed onto thin layer of Clear material, which can be one of many to facilitate the clients usage requirements ie: Lexan or Polyester and laminated with an adhesive layer, so it can be mounted on the surface of a product during assembly.

Graphic overlays can be thick or thin, just a few colors or photographic four color process. They can be designed for different longevity and exposure specifications. Specialized inks can resist outdoor fading and other demanding requirements such as die cutting.

Overlays are a very effective labeling method for applications such as marine engines, outdoor power equipment, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, tools, instrument panel labels, appliances and more.


Government Certification

As an approved grade level two supplier to the U.S. Government Printing Office, Serigraphic Arts gives consistently reliable results on very sizable and complex jobs. This is the highest status awarded to screen printers by this notably stringent customer. We also supply a wide variety of static cling and pressure-sensitive adhesive decals for product identification and safety labeling.

UL, CSA and NSF Certified for Approved Labeling Systems